Set sails

After breakfast we headed off to do White Water Rafting. It was so much fun other. Tony our guide was the craziest trying to flip us at every opportunity. Afterwards as we were about to go down a high-speed John called bomba we all jumped into the midst of the boat as it filled with water and we were soaked. The water was clearer than any I’d ever seen before and probally the coldest I’d sensed to. I had the best time I’ven’t laughed so much in ages. When we got back it was time for another 3 course lunch – tasty. After lunch we headed down the coast to Krvavica, where we chartered a yacht. Absolutely gorgeous. We headed out to dinner as a thunderstorm hit and we were soaked it was hilarious.
After breakfast we headed off to the Island of Bol. Situated on the opposite side of the Isle Palmizana, which can be famous for Zlatni Rat, the golden horn shore, the most photographed and most famous beach in Croatia, where we had our first swim stop and jumped off the top deck into the clear blue water it was impressive. Now was the first day we actually had nice weather so it was perfect for our swim. In the morning the weather had not been so great though and after sitting up in the dinning area reading I became really sea sick and as I went down to my cabin to get my tablets a big wave hit the boat and I was thrown into the headrail as I went down the stairs and ended up with a big score across my brow, which resulted in me having concussion. We headed out for dinner and then onto a Cocktail bar that night.