Harbours in Croatia

Amazing traveling experience with my Buddies
Croatia is a state having a shore with beaches and beaches. This will be the ideal destination to spend the vacations. The country’s beaches are brilliant and have fantastic views. Even historic places, museums and other old cities make this nation the most popular choice of the majority of travelers. I spend the summer vacation on the gorgeous areas of this nation. Here are some of my experiences encountered at the country’s popular areas.
Sibenik to Hvar
We began our trip by sibenik a city on the shore, to hvar. We hired a yacht to enjoy a simple travel from 1 spot to another. Is hvar fort. We could get a view from its 20, even though the walk into this fortress was debilitating. We had a overlook of the harbor of the city. We get down in the fort before the sunset. We took the pictures of sunset . We enjoyed meals at a restaurant close to the fort.
Hvar to Korcula
Just about all the cities close to the coastlines of Croatia are very popular tourist areas. One such city with restaurants and luxury flats is korcula. Marco polo museum the full day to devote was chosen by us. The whole of this city is fanatical with Marco polo. So, it is well worth checking this museum out. It’s actually an interesting method to understand the history of this area as well as Marco polo. We also had a look in the church of saint mark’s cathedral. Later we jumped the streets around and make a few purchases.
Korcula to Vis
We wish to have some fun on water actions. So, we spend the day of yachting on VIS. We had fun on the beach that is nice and had a swim. We were able to have fun on water actions, although it’s crowded. We enjoyed drinks and sea foods together on this beach. Stiniva cove is. They can feel as though they’re in a private place.
VIS to Stari Grad
We had been at stari Grad. We went to see an old building in Stari Grad, Tvrdalj castle. We paid a amount of money to get into this castle. It’s a garden in the courtyard and a bass pond. We spend some time and relaxed ourselves.
Stari Grad into Solta Island
Solta Island was another destination spot of our trip. We chose to see artwork gallery, since we do not want to invest time on water. We learn more about the arts of people and make some purchases. We could catch the collections.

Solta Island to Sibenik
By reaching sibenik on the final day of our trip we made an end to our journey. We said goodbye to this trip advisor and fellows who travelled with us in yacht charter.